Capabilities provided by Z Data Tools via HFMCRAEX

Your user exit, HFMCRAEX, will enable Z Data Tools to provide the following capabilities:

  1. The ability to extract LMS files containing COBOL copybooks, PL/I include books and High Level Assembler copybooks. These files hold data definitions for Z Data Tools template and view processing. Z Data Tools template and view processing can be used by Z Data Tools in the following situations:
    1. When browsing, viewing or editing a file or IMS™ database.
    2. When using certain Z Data Tools utilities.
  2. The ability to select from a list of members contained in the LMS. In the process of selecting from a member selection list (MSL), you can also view the contents of members with the View or Browse command.
  3. The ability to support multiple LMSs through a single exit. For more information on writing your exit to support multiple LMSs, see Supporting multiple library management systems.