BMP mode

When a ZDT/IMS function is run in BMP mode, a batch message processing (BMP) program issues the DL/I calls. The BMP executes as a subtask of the ZDT/IMS function.

You use BMP mode when databases are online.

If you plan to run ZDT/IMS functions in BMP mode, you must specify the following details when you are customizing the ZDT/IMS installation options module:
  • The IDs of the IMS™ subsystems you plan to access in BMP mode.
  • The IMSBATCH parameters that are to be passed to the IMS region controller when accessing each subsystem.
  • The names of the RESLIB, IMS macros and DOPT ACBLIB data sets for each subsystem.
  • The names of the PSB, DBD and Template libraries for each subsystem.
  • Various processing options that you want the functions to use when accessing each subsystem in BMP mode.
For information on how you do this, see Customizing the ZDT/IMS installation options module.