HFM0POPI macro

You use the HFM0POPI macro statement, to specify the non-IMS options. This macro statement is also included in the installation option modules for the other Z Data Tools components. But you do not have to use the same options in ZDT/IMS as you do in the other components.

The HFM0POPI macro statement is required and it must be the first statement in the HFM1POPT module. You can only have one HFM0POPI macro statement in the HFM1POPT module.

The parameters on the HFM0POPI macro statement in the sample HFM1POPT specify the default values. The parameters that ZDT/IMS does not use are omitted. All the parameters are optional.

For detailed information on these parameters, see Z Data Tools options. You use this information to decide the required settings for these parameters at your installation.