HFM1AGNT macro

If a subsystem uses AGNs (Application Group Names) to secure dependent regions, you use HFM1AGNT macro statements to specify the AGNs that you want ZDT/IMS to use when it accesses this subsystem in BMP mode. One HFM1AGNT macro statement is required for each AGN you want to specify.

This macro statement is optional. Specifying AGNS for a subsystem is only required when you want to either:
  • Limit the AGNS that ZDT/IMS functions can use when accessing this subsystem in BMP mode, or
  • Allow users to be able to select from a list of AGNs when they specify this subsystem (and a BMP region type) on the ZDT/IMS functions entry panel.

If you do want to include HFM1AGNT macro statements in the HFM1POPT module, include them after all the HFM1POPI macro statements and before the HFM1END macro statement.

All the parameters on the HFM1AGNT macro statement except the DESC parameter are required. Each one is described in this chapter. For more detailed information, see ZDT/IMS options.