Important information for users of non-IBM security products

ZDT/IMS issues a RACROUTE TYPE=AUTH for FILEM.FUNCTION.fc.ssid, the first profile in the list. If this profile is not defined RACF® returns RC=4. If RC=4 is returned, ZDT/IMS issues a RACROUTE for the second, third, and fourth profile in the list, in turn, until RACF returns something other than RC=4.

Note that not all non-IBM security products issue RC=4 when a RACROUTE TYPE=AUTH is issued for a profile that is not defined; in this case ZDT/IMS only issues a RACROUTE for FILEM.FUNCTION.fc.ssid and, if this profile has not been defined, the request fails immediately. If this applies to your security product, your only option is to use the FILEM.FUNCTION.fc.ssid profiles to control access to your ZDT/IMS functions and IMS™ subsystems.