Installing the Build Toolkit plug-in

This topic explains how to install the Z Data Tools Build Toolkit plug-in for use with the zconbt command.

About this task

z/OSĀ® Connect provides a Build Toolkit (zconbt) for creating service archive (SAR) files. SAR files are used during z/OS Connect API creation to associate APIs with service providers such as Z Data Tools Service Provider.

The z/OS Connect EE Build Toolkit is bundled with the z/OS Connect host product. It provides the zconbt command, which runs in Windows, Linux, and z/OS environments.


  1. If you have not already done so, extract the z/OS Connect Build Toolkit to the environment (Windows, Linux or z/OS) where you intend to build your SAR files.
  2. Copy the Z Data Tools Build Toolkit plug-in to the Build Toolkit /plugins directory. For example:
    cp com.hcl.zosconnect.buildtoolkit.zdatatools.jar /var/zconbtv3/plugins
  3. Edit the file in the z/OS Connect Build Toolkit /lib directory, and add an entry for the Z Data Tools plug-in. For example, edit /var/zconbtv3/lib/ and then add the following entry:
  4. You can now use the zconbt command to create SAR files for Z Data Tools APIs. For example:
    cd /var/zconbtv3/bin
    zconbt.zos -f=./yourSAR.sar
  5. All service archives created using the Z Data Tools Build Toolkit plug-in must be copied to the z/OS Connect /zosconnect/services directory. For example:
    cp yourService.sar /var/zosconnect/servers/<yourWLPServer>/resources/zosconnect/services
    Copied archives must be readable by the z/OS Connect WLP STC user.