Installing Z Data Tools Service Provider for z/OS Connect

The Z Data Tools Service Provider feature is extracted to UNIX System Services, then installed into z/OS® Connect and configured in ZCC server.

The Z Data Tools Service Provider for z/OS Connect feature is shipped as a binary archive in the SHFMSAM1 data set as member HFMZCEE.

Generic or specific mapping of data sources

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition provides tools to create APIs that use the Z Data Tools Service Provider. During API creation, a service archive (SAR file) is associated with the API which identifies the target service provider.

Z Data Tools service archives (zdt*.sar) and the Z Data Tools z/OS Connect Build Toolkit plug-in (com.hcl.zosconnect.buildtoolkit.zdatatools.jar) are provided for this purpose.

zdtService.sar, zdtIMSService.sar, and zdtDB2Service.sar are ready-to-use SAR files that can be associated with z/OS Connect APIs during API creation. They provide a generic mapping of file data to a prescribed response format, that is, one format for all data sources. When using generic mappings, you do not need to create SAR files.

Alternatively, customers who require a response mapping specific to a data resource can create their own SAR files. To create and manage your own SAR files you must install the Z Data Tools z/OS Connect Build Toolkit plug-in.

To understand if you will use the specific or generic response mapping methods, and therefore whether you need to install the Build Toolkit plug-in or the provided SAR files or both, refer to "Methods for accessing IBM Z data sources" in the Z Data Tools User’s Guide and Reference.