Uninstalling Z Data Tools Service Provider

Uninstall Z Data Tools Service Provider from z/OS® Connect using the installUtility command.

Before you begin

The uninstall procedure is conducted in the UNIX System Services (USS) environment and has the following environmental prerequisites:

  • The shell environment must have a z/OS Connect EE-compatible version of Java™ available on the environment PATH variable. You can check the PATH variable by using the UNIX System Services (USS) echo $PATH command.
  • The z/OS Connect installation directory <ZCON_INST_DIR>/v3r0/wlp/bin must be in the PATH environment variable.

About this task

The following procedure includes stopping and restarting the z/OS Connect WLP server. In high-availability environments this may be undesirable. For alternative procedures refer to the following topics:


  1. Stop the z/OS Connect WLP server.
  2. Uninstall the Z Data Tools Service Provider feature using the installUtility command. For example:
    installUtility uninstall zdatatools:zdtProvider-2.0
  3. Remove the properties file from the z/OS Connect <WLP_USER_DIR>/v3r0/extensions directory using the USS rm command. For example:
    rm /var/zosconnect/v3r0/extensions/zdatatools.properties
  4. Remove the service archive files from the z/OS Connect service directory. For example:
    rm /var/zosconnect/servers/<yourWLPServer>/resources/zosconnect/services/zdt*.sar
    Tip: You might also decide to remove any other Z Data Tools SAR files from this directory.
  5. Edit the z/OS Connect WLP server.xml configuration.

    The server.xml requires the following changes:

    1. Remove the entry for the Z Data Tools feature from the <featureManager> stanza.
    2. Remove the ZDataTools_Connection configuration stanza.
    3. If you have added any other ZDataTools_Connection configuration stanzas for IDs other than "default", remove these also.
  6. Restart the z/OS Connect WLP server.