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Specifies whether or not ZDT/IMS accepts the absence of the IMSID parameter when a batch job runs in DLI mode.
The IMSID parameter must be specified in the HFMIMSIN input of batch functions that run in DLI mode.
The IMSID parameter in the HFMIMSIN input of batch functions that run in DLI mode is optional.

Prior to version 8, ZDT/IMS did not generate an IMSID parameter when the batch function ran in DLI mode.

Therefore, if you are migrating from a version of ZDT/IMS earlier than version 8, and you specify (or default to) COMPAT=N, some ZDT/IMS batch job steps that ran with the version you are migrating from will require modification before they can be run with the new version of ZDT/IMS.

In particular, you will need to add the IMSID parameter to ZDT/IMS job steps:
  • That execute the IXB, ILB, IPR, IEB or IBB function and that specify REGNTYPE=DLI.
  • That execute the DIB function.

If you specify COMPAT=Y, JCL generated by versions of ZDT/IMS earlier than version 8 should run without modification.

However, COMPAT=N is recommended.

This parameter can only be specified on the HFM1POPD macro statement.

This parameter is optional. The default is N. The user cannot override the value you specify for this parameter.