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Specifies the first 1- to 5-characters of the dynamic PSB names used by ZDT/IMS functions when run in BMP mode.

For BMP mode, the dynamic PSB names are obtained by combining the value you specify in this parameter with a three digit number in the range 001 to the number specified in the DYNPRFN parameter. For example, if you specify DYNPRFX=HFM and DYNPRFN=3, then ZDT/IMS uses HFM001, HFM002 and HFM003 for the dynamic PSB names when functions are run in BMP mode.

Note: If you want to run functions that use dynamic PSBs in BMP mode, you need to specify APPLCTN macro statements for each dynamic PSB name that ZDT/IMS is to use. (See Customizing IMS to support the use of dynamic PSBs in BMP mode.)

This parameter is optional. If it is not specified on the HFM1POPI macro statement, ZDT/IMS uses either the value specified on the HFM1POPD macro statement (if specified on that statement), or HFM0 (otherwise). The user cannot override the value you specify for this parameter.