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Specifies the 4-byte z/OS® subsystem name assigned to the Internal Resource Lock Manager (IRLM). ZDT/IMS functions running in DLI mode pass the name to the IMS™ region controller when IRLM=Y or IRLM=IMS.
This parameter is optional. If it is not specified on the HFM1POPI macro statement and you specify IRLM=Y or IRLM=IMS, ZDT/IMS uses either the value specified on the HFM1POPD macro statement (if specified on that statement), or a null value (otherwise). When a null value is passed to the IMS region controller, IMS uses:
  • The value specified for the IRLMNM parameter on the IMSCTRL macro statement (if specified on that statement), or IRLM (otherwise).

If you do not want the user to override the value you specify for this parameter, set UIRLM=N.