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Specifies the maximum number of locks (in units of 1000) that a ZDT/IMS function is allowed to hold at one time.

The valid range is 0 to 32767.

If you specify 0 for LOCKMAX there is no limit on the number of locks the function can hold at one time.

When you specify two values in parentheses, separated by a comma, the first value is used for BMP mode and the second value is used for DLI mode. When you specify a single value, this is used for both BMP and DLI modes.

This parameter is optional. If it is not specified on the HFM1POPI macro statement, ZDT/IMS uses either the value specified on the HFM1POPD macro statement (if specified on that statement), or a null value (otherwise). When a null value is passed to the IMS™ region controller, IMS uses:
  • The value specified for the LOCKMAX parameter on the PSBGEN macro statement (if specified on that statement), or 0 (no limit) (otherwise).

If you do not want the user to override the value you specify for this parameter, set ULOCKMAX=N.