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Specifies whether or not the user can specify the BUF parameter passed to the IMS™ region controller when ZDT/IMS functions run in DLI mode.
The user can specify the BUF parameter.
The user cannot specify the BUF parameter.
If you specify UBUF=N:
  • The BUF parameter field on the DLI Mode Parameters panel is protected.
  • IMSBUF= statements in the HFMIMSIN input of batch jobs are ignored.
  • No IMSBUF= statements are included in the JCL generated by ZDT/IMS dialogs.

This parameter is optional. If it is not specified on the HFM1POPI macro statement, ZDT/IMS uses either the value specified on the HFM1POPD macro statement (if specified on that statement), or Y (otherwise).