Defining Z Data Tools in an ISPF command table

ISPF supports four different command tables where you can define an ISPF command to invoke Z Data Tools:
  • Application command table
  • User command table
  • Site command table
  • System command table

You can use the ISPF Command Table Utility (ISPF option 3.9) to create or change a command table that is not currently in use (the system command table, ISPCMDS, is always in use). When you add a command for Z Data Tools to one of these command tables, you can invoke Z Data Tools from any ISPF panel without prefixing the command with TSO.

For example, add the following entry to a command table to enable Z Data Tools to be run from any ISPF panel by entering HFM on the command line.

Verb HFM
Description Z Data Tools

To invoke Z Data Tools with LIBDEFs, see Example 2. ISPF command table with LIBDEF invocations.

For information about ISPF command tables, see z/OS ISPF Planning and Customizing and z/OS ISPF User's Guide Vol II.