Translating the ISPF messages text

All Z Data Tools ISPF messages are provided in English.

You can translate some or all of these messages into other languages.

All Z Data Tools ISPF messages are stored in HFM.SHFMMENU. You translate a message as follows:

  1. Find the members in HFM.SHFMMENU that contain the messages you want to translate. The message members specific to the Z Data Tools base function are all named HFMBzzzz or HFMMnn.
  2. Create a library with the same characteristics as HFM.SHFMMENU, with the name HFM.SHFMMyyy, where yyy is the same language code that you specified to change your print and display translation tables. (See step 4.a.) Copy the required message members from HFM.SHFMMENU to this library.
  3. Change the required message texts in these members in your library.

To use the messages you have translated, see Using the translated messages and panels.

Note: Be sure to include ALL the messages in the message members you copy to your own library. When Z Data Tools needs to display an ISPF message, it uses ISPF services to do this. Therefore the search for a message is made according to ISPF rules. Thus, if ISPF finds the message member it requires in your library, but the message number required is not in that member, ISPF will not look in any other library for the message, but will give an error. However, if you omit a complete message member from your library, then ISPF will use the English message member from the next library in the ISPMLIB concatenation. For more information about defining and using ISPF messages, see z/OS ISPF Dialog Developer's Guide.