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Specifies the Db2® location name for the Db2 system or group. This is the LOCATION value entered in the DDF statement (Db2 change log inventory utility), when Db2 was installed. Alternatively you can specify the value returned by the following SQL statement:

The maximum length you can specify for location_name is 16 characters, and must conform to the naming conventions for a "location-name" as documented in the SQL Reference manual for your Db2 system.

Note: The LOCATION option is optional. ZDT/Db2 does not require the specification of the location name in the HFM2SSDM macro for successful access to remote Db2 systems. Specifying a Db2 location name enables the use of the Db2 subsystem or group identifier (for example, DSNA) as an alternative to the actual Db2 location name, for online functions only.