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Modifying and submitting HFM3PRDU

If you need to update the parameters for a CICSĀ® region after HFM3INST has been run to create the profile data set, use the job HFM3PRDU.

There are three steps to modifying and running HFM3PRDU:
  • Modify HFM3PRFD (see HFM3PRFD)
  • Modify HFM3PRDU
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You modify HFM3PRDU as follows:

  1. Copy the member HFM3PRDU from HFM.SHFMSAM1 into your own JCL library.
  2. Change the following values in your copy of HFM3PRDU:
    • Change the job card to meet your site's requirements.
    • Change HFMHLQ= to the high level qualifier for the Z Data Tools target libraries.
    • Change HFMPROF=profile.dsn to the data set name to be used for the VSAM logon profile data set for ZDT/CICS.
    • Change HFMPROFD= to refer to your customized version of HFM3PRFD.
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