Running multiple versions of ZDT/Db2

This topic explains how you can install multiple different versions of ZDT/Db2.

Attention: You must ensure that each ZDT/Db2 installation is completely independent of any others.
In particular, you must ensure that:
  • Different (and unique) plan and package names are used for each ZDT/Db2 installation.
  • The ZDT/Db2 plan and packages are bound using the appropriate DBRM modules for each version of ZDT/Db2.
  • Each version of ZDT/Db2 uses a unique HFM2POPT module, and that module must specify the correct plan name for that version of ZDT/Db2.
  • When ZDT/Db2 is used to access remote Db2® systems, the plan and packages for each ZDT/Db2 version must be bound on every Db2 system that might be accessed using ZDT/Db2.

The notes below cover the situation where an existing version (say version n) of ZDT/Db2 is installed. A new version (say n+1) of ZDT/Db2 is available and will be installed. The two versions are to be run concurrently while acceptance testing is completed for the newer version.

The default plan name, HFM2PLAN, and the default package name, HFM2PLPK, are used for the existing version of ZDT/Db2 that is already installed.

For the new version of ZDT/Db2, select new plan and package names, for example:
  • HFM2PLND (instead of HFM2PLAN)
  • HFM2PLPD (instead of HFM2PLPK)

Any new names can be selected as long as they are different to all other ZDT/Db2 plan and package names that are already in use.

For the new version of ZDT/Db2, modify the sample bind job HFM2PLAN as appropriate.

Run the modified bind jobs, both the bind plan and bind package, on every Db2 system. Ensure that the DBRM library specified in the new bind job is for the new version of ZDT/Db2.

Modify the sample HFM2POPT job for the new version of ZDT/Db2. Specify the new plan names in the HFM2SSDM macro definition for each Db2 system that ZDT/Db2 will access, either directly or remotely, as shown below:

Assemble the new HFM2POPT module, and ensure that this is available when a user runs the new version of Db2.

For information about modifying HFM2POPT, see Changing the default options. For information about HFM2SSDM, see HFM2SSDM.