Customizing ZDT/CICS for national languages

You can customize ZDT/CICS for national languages other than English.

If you are using a language other than English, you will need to perform some or all of the customization tasks listed in Table 1.

You will also have to do this if you plan to use the Z Data Tools base function interface under ZDT/CICS.

Table 1. Summary of steps for customizing ZDT/CICS for a national language
Step Description
__ 1 Set the LANGUAGE option in HFM3POPT.
See Setting the LANGUAGE option.
__ 2 Verify that your CICSĀ® terminal is defined as DBCS-capable, if necessary.
See Verifying that the CICS terminal is DBCS-capable.
__ 3 Translate the ZDT/CICS logon messages to your language.
See Translating the ZDT/CICS logon messages.
__ 4 Provide a version of HFM3MENU (ZDT/CICS logon messages) for your language.
See Providing a national language version of HFM3MENU.
__ 5 Translate the ZDT/CICS panels to your language.
See Translating the panel text.