Customizing ZDT/Db2 for national languages

You can customize ZDT/Db2 for national languages other than English.

If you are using a language other than English, you will need to perform all of the customization tasks listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Summary of steps for customizing ZDT/Db2 for a national language
Step Description
__ 1 Set the LANGUAGE option for batch processing, if required.
See Setting the default national language.
__ 2 Change the TERMTYPE option in HFM2POPT, if you are using a DBCS language.
__ 3 Confirm that you have the correct terminal type set in ISPF (ISPF option 0).
__ 4 Create a print and display translation table for your language.
See Changing the print and display translation tables for languages other than English.
__ 5 Translate the Z Data Tools message text to your language.
See Translating the message text.
__ 6 Provide a version of HFM2MENU for your language.
See Providing a national language version of HFM2MENU.
__ 7 Translate the ZDT/Db2 ISPF messages to your language.
See Translating the ISPF messages text.
__ 8 Translate the ZDT/Db2 panels to your language.
See Translating the panel text.