Installing your exit

You can provide more than one user scrambling exit. For example, you might want to provide a different exit for each user, or different exits for use with different data sets. Also, you could define a different exit for each field or column you have selected for scrambling. Thus one copy, export or import operation could load multiple exit programs to satisfy the scrambling requirements of different fields or columns. Individual users can also specify different exits.

To provide an exit in HLASM, COBOL or PL/I:

  1. Code your own exit in your own source library. See the information in Exit control block description and Using the scrambling exit control block. You can use HFMSCXEA as a HLASM example, HFMSCXEC as a COBOL example, or HFMSCXEP as a PL/I example. These samples are distributed in HFM.SHFMSAM1.
  2. Assemble or compile and link your exit into a load library available to Z Data Tools, for example, HFM.SHFMMOD1.
Sample jobs are provided to help you do this. These are:
Assemble and link a HLASM exit
Compile and link a COBOL exit
Compile and link a PL/I exit
See the instructions in the jobs for changes you need to make. These jobs are distributed in HFM.SHFMSAM1.