Customizing the ZDT/IMS security exit

ZDT/IMS provides a security exit module, HFM1SXT. HFM1SXT is called from four different points during processing.
  • Exit Type A - Prior to allocating an audit trail data set when editing a database.
  • Exit Type D - When allocating a database data set (DLI mode only).
  • Exit Type I - Prior to invoking the IMS™ region controller.
  • Exit Type T - After the IMS region controller terminates.

The default security program supplied returns control immediately for all exit types thus allowing normal processing to continue.

You can provide your own version of HFM1SXT using either of the sample source decks, HFM1XITA (High Level Assembler) or HFM1XITC (COBOL), as a base. HFM1XITA and HFM1XITC are distributed in HFM1.SHFMSAM1.