The HFM1SXT security exit

HFM1SXT is a customizable exit. During the processing of ZDT/IMS functions, HFM1SXT is invoked at the following points:
  • Prior to invoking the IMS™ region controller.
  • When allocating a database data set (DLI mode only).
  • Prior to allocating an audit trail data set.
  • After the IMS region controller terminates.
The version of HFM1SXT as distributed with ZDT/IMS performs no security checking and simply returns control. You can write your own version of HFM1SXT to perform various functions, for example to:
  • Edit, modify or change the disposition of a database data set from OLD to SHR.
  • Force the creation of an audit trail.

For more information on writing your own version of HFM1SXT, see Customizing the ZDT/IMS security exit.