In particular, before you can use ZDT/Db2, you must specify the Db2® subsystems, or Db2 data sharing groups, which ZDT/Db2 will use. To do this you must provide HFM2SSDM macro statements in HFM2POPT. For information about specifying Db2 subsystems and Db2 data sharing groups, and HFM2SSDM, see Defining all Db2 systems that ZDT/Db2 will access in HFM2POPT (required).

You must code at least one HFM2SSDM macro entry in HFM2POPT. When there is only one entry it should specify SSID=DEFAULT (see the description of the SSID option). When there are multiple entries, the final HFM2SSDM macro entry must specify SSID=DEFAULT. If this entry is omitted an assembler error will occur.

Note: All library names specified in HFM2SSDM must be enclosed in quotation marks, and each set of library names must be further enclosed in parentheses. A maximum of sixteen (16) library names can be specified for one set of library names.