Translating the message text

All ZDT/IMS messages are stored in the HFM1MENU source member. This CSECT is part of the root module so that an English version of the messages is always available. In addition, all messages used by ZDT/IMS under ISPF are provided in the library, HFM.SHFMMENU. Using both HFM1MENU and members in HFM.SHFMMENU, you can provide your own set of translated messages. To use the messages you have translated, see Using the translated messages and panels.

To provide translated versions of the messages, you must provide a version of HFM1MENU in your language, as described in Providing a national language version of HFM1MENU and provide translated versions of the appropriate members in HFM.SHFMMENU, as described in Translating the ISPF messages text.