Translating the panel text

All ZDT/CICS panels are provided in English.

You can translate some or all of these panels into another language. (If no translated version of a particular panel is available, ZDT/CICS uses the English version.)

All ZDT/CICS panels are stored in HFM.SHFMPENU. You translate a panel as follows:

  1. Find the panel members in HFM.SHFMPENU that you want to translate. The panel members specific to ZDT/CICS are all named HFM3zzzz.
  2. Create a library with the same characteristics as HFM.SHFMPENU, with the name HFM.SHFMPyyy, where yyy is the same language code you specified when you modified HFM3MENU. If you have already created a library with this name for other translated Z Data Tools panels, use that library. Copy the required panel members from HFM.SHFMPENU to this library.
  3. Change the required panel text in the members in your library. A panel may reference a help panel by means of a .HELP statement. If any panel you are changing contains any of these .HELP statements, also copy and change these referenced members in your library.

To use your translated panels, see Using the translated messages and panels.