Translating the panel text

All Z Common Components panels are provided in English.

You can translate these panels into another language. (If no translated version of a particular panel is available, Z Common Components uses the English version.)

All Z Common Components panels are stored in HFI.SHFIPENU. You translate a panel as follows:

  1. Find the panel members in HFI.SHFIPENU that you want to translate.
  2. Create a library with the same characteristics as HFI.SHFIPENU, with the name HFI.SHFIPyyy, where yyy is the same language code you specified if you translated any messages. Copy the required panel members from HFI.SHFIPENU to this library.
  3. Change the required panel text in the members in your library. A panel may reference a help panel by means of a .HELP statement. If any panel you are changing contains any of these .HELP statements, also copy and change these referenced members in your library.

To use your translated panels, add your panel library, HFI.SHFIPyyy, to the HFIPLIB concatenation in front of HFI.SHFIPENU, in HFM3CICB.

See Customizing the batch procedure for information about HFM3CICB.