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Specifies whether or not Z Data Tools will load an I/O exit For information on providing a user I/O exit, see Customizing Z Data Tools to use an I/O exit.
The exit function is disabled. Z Data Tools will not use an I/O exit when processing data sets, and the user will not be able to specify an exit name on any panel. The default is DISABLE.
The exit function is enabled. The User I/O Exit selection field is displayed on the relevant panels, allowing the user to provide the name of a user-written exit, if required. Alternatively, the name of an exit can be specified in the system settings.
The exit function is enabled and a default exit, exit_name, will be displayed in the User I/O Exit selection field, unless overwritten by the user. If a value is specified for exit_name, then exit_name should exist as a module in a load library available to Z Data Tools.