Step 5. Verify subsystem details

Figure 1. DLI Mode Parameters
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             DLI Mode Parameters : Subsystem Selection

                      Read  PSB    Region  AGNs
 Cmd  SSID  Status    Only  Types  Types   Used  Description
      IFA2  ACTIVE     N    BOTH   BMP      N    IFA2 - BMP only
      IFB2  INACTIVE   Y    BOTH   BOTH     N    IFB2 - READONLY
      IF92  ACTIVE     N    BOTH   BOTH     Y    IF92 - UAGNS=Y and 3 AGNs
      IF82  ACTIVE     N    BOTH   BOTH     Y    IF82 - UAGNS=Y and no AGNs
      IF72  ACTIVE     N    BOTH   BOTH     N    IF72 - UAGNS=N, READONLY=N
      IF62  ACTIVE     N    BOTH   BOTH     Y    IF62 - UAGNS not spec, 6 AGNs
      IF52  ACTIVE     N    DYN    BOTH     N    IF52 - DYNAMIC, all unprotect
      IF42  ACTIVE     N    STAT   BOTH     N    IF42 - STATIC, all protected
      IF32  ACTIVE     N    BOTH   BOTH     N    IF32 - DYNALLOC=Y
      IF22  INACTIVE   N    BOTH   BOTH     N    IF22 - IMS V7
      IF12  ACTIVE     Y    BOTH   BOTH     N    IF12 - UAGNS=N, READONLY=Y
     ****  End of data  ****

Command ===>                                                                  

Check that all the subsystems that you specified in the ZDT/IMS installation options module are listed, and that the correct details are listed for each.

Select the subsystem that you are using for the verification process and press Enter. The DLI Mode Parameters panel is displayed.